What We’re Loving: May Books’ Custom Notebooks

Gift your pals custom cookbooks and food diaries

It’s always nice to add a personalized touch when giving a gift. Think about it: it’s your best friend’s birthday and you’re gifting her a favorite classic movie, so why not pair it with popcorn or her favorite candy for the ultimate viewing experience to make the gift a little less run-of-the-mill?

When I got engaged, my bridesmaids gifted me personalized wine glasses that said "Bride" and "Groom" for an added custom bonus, which always goes a long way toward making the recipient feel special. 

With that said, when May Books landed in our laps, we fell in love. The gift of a blank notebook is like handing someone a brush and a canvas — a simple thought, but one that can turn into so much more. A notebook, or any book really, is a great gift idea for people who enjoy jotting things down regularly — for practical purposes or just to let a few things off their chest. 

May Books, maker of fashionable and eye-catching notebooks, brings the idea of customization to an ordinary object with the option to personalize the book. 

Gift a new college student a monogrammed notebook or give a new bride a personalized cookbook. Use the books to stick to a budget by creating a grocery list book or watch what you eat with a food diary, or these notebooks would make great food journals, travel logs, or even beer-pairing notebooks — make them whatever you want, the sky is the limit. 

To personalize, pair the idea with a pattern and a name, and voilà! A good-looking notebook is born.