What We're Loving: Macy's Sweet Sticks For Tailgating

The morning of an early tailgate is inevitably a hectic one: you're rushing to pack the car and suit up the kids, and you must remember to bring the tickets. The day ahead is loaded with amazing recipes, from the dip to the spicy wings, so a combination of rushing and anticipated eating tends to push breakfast to the wayside.

But if you are spending a lot of time in the lot, you have to be fueled for the day of fun. Easily packable and extremely tasty for breakfast, John Wm. Macy's Sweet Sticks are the perfect tailgate breakfast solution. Available in Dutch Chocolate, Java Cinnamon, and Madagascar Vanilla flavors, the crunchy breakfast "pastry" is baked twice and made of layers of fresh sourdough, sweetened butter, and Monterey Jack cheese. Though they are marketed as a dessert treat, these crunchy delights are a fast answer for a quick morning meal.

And if the morning doesn't strike you as sweets time, Macy's also offers a variety of artisanal options, including Original Cheddar, Melting Parmesan, Romano Garlic, Dijon Swiss, or Cheddar & Scallion Cheese Sticks. The flavorful bites pair perfectly with some of their in-house   and are great for quick game day snacking!