What We’re Loving: Leif’s Gemstone Refrigerator Magnets

Because your fridge has a sense of style, too

In honor of Fashion Week, we’re bringing you fashionable products for the home, and it doesn’t get more adorable than these gemstone magnets.
Long gone are the days of those tacky souvenir magnets with your name misspelled, magnets from the trinket shops at the shore, and those God forsaken magnets in the shapes of every fruit and vegetable imaginable.

We’re crazy for the gemstone look — we’ve loved both gemstone serving trays and coasters in the past, and the idea of these bejeweled stones scattered on a refrigerator or any magnetic surface in your home is an immediate statement.

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What’s even better is that no two sets are alike and not only are they great as magnets, but they make for great fillers for table centerpieces and décor. Each set ($36) includes eight magnets; one each of: amethyst, pyrite, quartz, geode, and four colors of agate slices. Also available? A mineral collection — like a little piece of history in your kitchen!