What We’re Loving: Kipik’s Toothpick Holder

The most clever toothpick holder we’ve ever seen

Cocktail parties are meant for toothpicks with all their cheeses, small plates, and passed dishes. After all, how else can you elegantly eat a mini hot dog dipped in mustard without it dripping all over your face?

Having servers, dishes, and flatware on a buffet can get cluttered, so why not opt for dish accessories that don’t take up too much space? A solution too all problems, here's a toothpick holder that barely takes up any room. This little porcupine from Kipik is ideal for entertaining, not to mention adorable.


Nix utensils and just stick with classic toothpicks. Stock up on them and have waiters carry them with each tray served or rest this cute holder on your display table. Also, the porcupine conveniently hangs on the edge of a bowl and comes with 22 picks.