What We’re Loving: Happiness Brewery’s Potions

'Relive' your favorite memories with a sip

If you could go back in time and relive some of your greatest memories, would you? Your first dance, your first kiss, the first time you scored a home run — all of those emotions make up who you are, so how about taking a walk down memory lane?

In what they call a project of love, design, and alchemy, Paris design studio Happiness Factory and the Cargo Collective have come together to create the Happiness Brewery, a portal to travel back to the best moments of your past with a drink.

The entire concept was born as a way to reignite old emotions that we wish we could experience over again. The Happiness Brewery is cataloguing intimate sentiments and memories by way of bottle labels, and they're inviting consumers to submit memories or emotions that they’d like to bottle up and keep forever.
Every bottle is unique and comes with only one copy, in large and small sizes.

Here’s what the Happiness Brewery has to say:

"Tell us what you want to live again

Tell us what you desire the most to feel again

Tell us who you crave to touch again

By encouraging us to romantically pontificate on the nature of our most lasting and affecting sentiments — good or bad — and memorialize them, it’s tempting to see this project as a charming and aesthetically satisfying antidote to the constant spewing of emotions via social media ."

To submit one of your intimate ruminations, email happinessisabeginning@gmail.com.

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