What We’re Loving: Cake Vintage’s Kids' Placemat Paper Disguises

Instead of coloring the place mat, why not play with it?

If you have kids, you know what a project it can be to go out to dinner with them and keep them occupied from appetizers to dessert. If the restaurants you’re visiting are compassionate, they will usually dole out a pack of crayons and a kids' menu that doubles as a blank canvas. 

So when hosting your own dinner where there will be children present, keep them busy with a little paper and a whole lot of imagination. 

Cake Vintage’s placemats that double as disguises are brilliant tools for getting through the entire meal together as a family when you have multiple kids sitting with you. Challenge your kids to create alter egos with the disguises they can tear off the placemat — an explorer, a pirate, or a detective, perhaps? Whomever they decide to be during that meal, make sure they eat, too! 


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