What We Loved in September

We’ve been spotlighting a whole bunch of Entertaining items lately — have you noticed?
Francesca Borgognone

If you’re just tuning in, let’s catch you up to speed — we’re on Halloween overload and we’re super excited about it. While we're only on day four of our "31 Days of Halloween" extravaganza, we’ve covered a lot of ground and there’s still a ton of room for more. 

But let’s back track a second. A while back, we decided to spotlight something that we’re coveting in the Entertain world each day — and we’ve had a fabulous time doing it. 

In the past month, we’ve talked tablescapes, cookbooks, things you should register for, and decorations to get you ready for the Holiday season. 

We’re going to showcasing our favorite Entertain items going forward, so tell us what you think, let us if you agree with our feelings, and also — big idea — tell us what we’re missing! If you love something, share it with us in the comments or shoot me an email — we would love to hear your thoughts.


Until then, let’s take a walk back into warmer weather and see what we were loving in September.