What to See at 'Beer Here' Exhibit

NY Historical Society opens beer exhibit for brew, history lovers

To the deilght of beer lovers everywhere, the New York Historical Society opened its "Beer Here" exhibit to show the historical evolution of the favorite alcoholic beverage. After all, it was George Washington that gave beer orders to the troops back in the Revolutionary War. Now, beer lovers can trace beer's roots centuries back.

New York is arguably the birthplace of the beer we drink today; the Associated Press reports on the city's roots as New Amsterdam, where the Dutch were cultivating their drink of choice. Plus, New York began growing hops as early the 19th century. Said museum curator Debra Debra Schmidt Bach to the AP, "Beer was very important to New Yorkers from the earliest point of colonization."

Other sights to see in the museum will give you a taste of how the craft beer in your hand has evolved — and of course, get you thirsty. Luckily, there's a beer hall stocked with local and craft beers at the end of the exhibit for you to imbibe.

Here are some museum highlights:

• A beer order from George Washington's troops from the Revolutionary War

• Prohibition repeal posters

• Records from a brewer in 1779 (who sold ale to both British and Patriot sides)

• Wooden pipe's from the city's first water system (as clean water was imperative to brewing)

Get more information about the exhibit and beer hall from the New York Historical Society.