What’s the Number 1 Game Day Snack?

Pizza! College football fans talk about the best game day fare

With October almost at an end, we can’t forget to mention one essential thing: it’s National Pizza Month. As the heart of football season, the tail-end of baseball season, and the start of pre-season basketball, the month of October brings fans of all sports together. 

With game day comes snacks — that’s just a given — but what snacks trump the others? If you’re thinking wings take the crown in this category, you’re wrong.

Discover Fan Loyalty's recent poll found pizza (with 23 percent) is the favorite game day snack among college football fans, edging out wings (15 percent). And most aren’t too scared to loosen their belt buckle for a worthy slice — 46 percent of college football fans say game day calories don’t count, while only 10 percent of fans say they don’t overeat or drink on game day. (Um, who are you 10 percent? Liars, that’s who you are!)

The 15-week Discover Fan Loyalty Poll is conducted by Rasmussen Reports, a nationally recognized leader in polling, who gathers sentiment by phone from 800 college football fans who follow games at least once per week on television, radio, in person, or online.

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See where your favorite game day snacks measure up:
Pizza: 23 percent
Wings: 15 percent
Chips and Dip: 14 percent
Nachos: 8 percent
Hot Dogs or Sausage: 6 percent
Pretzels : 4 percent