What Guys Really Want for the 'Big Game'

The 4 essential go-tos to throw a real man’s night in
What Guys Really Want for the 'Big Game'

It is widely known that men love their sports, whether their favorite is America's pastime (baseball) or America's passion (football). It doesn't matter whether its basketball or hockey, all sports fans love the time of year when it all comes down to the "nitty gritty," the "end all be all," the "one for all the marbles"… the "Big Game." 

For those of us who love to get together to share in the triumph (or misery) of the outcome, we're used to the usual "wings and beer" offered during viewing parties. Not to look down on the beer and chicken wings, but there a couple more items that a sports fan needs — men in particular.

Although friends, sports, and food always make for a good time, there a few more important details everyone should know before throwing the "Big Game" soirée. Follow these four rules and you will have the happiest group of men ever assembled for a big game event.

1. TV— OK, you must be thinking, duh. Well, you would be surprised. Many people who have asked me to attend their "Big Game" shindig had an "unacceptable" viewing box. Also, please make sure you have high definition — for God's sake we are in the 21st century, let’s get with the program.

2. The Chair— Yes, this is very important. When I say "chair," I do not mean a Lay-Z-Boy for all the guests (however, that's not a bad idea) but, a seating arrangement favorable to all attendees. Remember we are here to see the game, and I don't want to end up in the corner where I am only able to see the upper left-hand corner of the score board.

3. Drinks — Ah, we make it to the all-important beverages. The obvious choice is of course the classic beer and soda. My only word of advice is this: You are throwing the gathering and having it in your house, offering food, shelter, and of course the Big Game so the least guests can do is bring a six-pack of their choice of beer or bring a bottle of their desired alcohol. Personally I find nothing wrong with this, especially, if there are 20 or more guests. I mean, it isn't a bar, right? Make sure to have appropriate beverage holders; the infamous "red cups" never fail.

4. Grub — The most anticipated item of all. The basics are always allowed and never frowned upon — chicken wings, potato chips, dip, hot dogs, burgers, pizza. Thinking out of the box is awesome, but please don't go so far out that you are in a different ZIP code! Simple adjustments or ideas make for great additions. Try garlic Parmesan wings, or a loaded mashed potato casserole instead of potato skins. Or how about some tasty cupcakes in your teams colors? Do not forget napkins or paper towels! Men can be a little messy, just some food for thought.

There is a misconception that these events must be over the top. There is no need for decorations or your uncle dressing up as the team mascot — just great company, good food, and an all-important amazing TV! If only all entertaining were this easy.