What Does the Perfect Man Eat and Drink?

A new poll gives insight into what women want — and what they want their men to consume

In case you were wondering what the perfect man is like, don't worry: a U.K. clothing store has mapped out the prototype for us, thanks to a poll of 2,000 women.

While the standards of the women polled by Austin Reed are quite entertaining — the perfect man "gets ready in 17 minutes," "can ride a bike," and has brown eyes — we couldn't get enough of the food criteria. The perfect man, according to the poll, is a beer and lager drinker (maybe like this guy?) and not a wine and spirits drinker. He's also a meat eater — vegetarians need not apply. We'd think pizza  would be on the list somewhere...

Tell us below whether you agree with Austin Reed's assessment of dudes, and most importantly, what does your man eat? And for the imperfect males, don't fret: cooking a meal at home will still win her heart.