400-Pound Wheel of Cheese Gets a Parade

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Complete with a red carpet and "flying chunks o' cheese"
Revelers with the Cheese
Chris Lyons Communications

Revelers with the Cheese

When the world's largest wheel of cheese rolls into Concord, Mass., on December 1, it will be greeted by a 200-foot red carpet, a "raucous crowd of townspeople, and The Crucolo Dancers (a horde of costumed children tossing chunks of cheese)," according to a press release.

The 400-pound chunk of crucolo cheese will travel for a month before arriving at the Concord Cheese Shop, where it will be sold off in bits and pieces for $19.99 per pound.

This is the second annual cheese celebration, since the town received a 400-pound wheel of cruculo last year as well. So, if you're in the neighborhood of Walden Street in Concord, you'll get to see a wheel of cheese "rolled through the main shopping district on a red carpet with balloons, dancers, kids, cameras and flying chunks o’ cheese."

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