What to Do with Leftover Peeps: Destroy Them with a Bullet

Vent your anger on poor, unsuspecting Peeps and a row of Cadbury eggs

If you aren't marinating all your leftover Peeps in vodka and really have nothing better to do with these sugary treats, here's one way to amuse yourself this Monday morning. YouTube channel rated RR decided to take a .50 browning machine gun to a row of Peeps and Cadbury eggs, seeing how far it'll go. All of the footage, naturally, got slowed down.

As Richard Ryan explains, the most difficult part of this project was keeping everything level, and keeping the bullet in a straight line. About a dozen eggs get destroyed in one shot, and more than half the Peeps when they're stacked into two rows.

Watch below as sad little Peeps slowly get destroyed by a bullet (those at the end are just a bit luckier), and Cadbury eggs go to amusing waste. Let's not try any of this at home, since guns are dangerous, yo. Also, Cadbury eggs are delicious.


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