What Bond Drinks: Bollinger 002 for 007

Introducing a super spy-like champagne holder for the 2002 Bollinger vintage

The Bollinger 002 for 007.

By now you know all about James Bond's food and drinks of choice, but Bond loves champagne above them all. The prized champagne Bond drinks most often? Bollinger champagne has been featured in 13 of the Bond films, including the latest in the franchise, Skyfall. (Surely you remember the scene in A View to a Kill when Bond orders the Bollinger' 75 at Jules Verne restaurant in Paris: "I see you’re a connoisseur Mr Bond!”)  Now, you can drink Bollinger like 007 in a super coded champagne box. 

The limited-edition Bollinger 002 for 007 comes in a box shaped like the Walther PPK silencer, complete with a coded lock (that spells 007) and gun logo button. Inside is the Bollinger La Grande Année 2002, which in a release Mathieu Kauffmann, the cellar master at Bollinger, called the most exceptional vintage in the last decade. (And yes, it's got the classic 007 gun logo on the bottle.) 

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The Bollinger 002 for 007 is on sale at specialist wine shops and merchants — better pick one up to toast the yummy Daniel Craig as Bond.