What Are the Top 4 Gifts for Valentine’s Day?

Offers.com’s poll results are in — does your gift measure up?
Jane Bruce

It’s only nine days until Valentine’s Day and although buying a box of chocolates or sending a dozen roses to your special someone usually doesn’t take nearly a week and a half to prepare for, you might have something else in mind.

Offers.com has surveyed shoppers about what they plan on purchasing for the holiday of love, and results show that it’s not all flowers and candy — it actually is what's from the heart that counts most.
If you ask us, the heartfelt route gets them every time — we know from experience.

Here are the results of Offers.com’s poll:

• 37 percent plan on getting "something heartfelt and homemade." A good chunk of people are thinking outside the box this year and will be making their own gifts or will look for something that has sentimental value — A for effort!

• 28 percent plan to purchase '"something classic like flowers," which is no surprise.

• 23 percent plan on purchasing "something extravagant, like jewelry or a trip." Some people want to make a big impression on their Valentine and plan on purchasing something over-the-top.

• 12 percent plan to purchase "something cool like an iPad." While we admit these kinds of things aren’t the most romantic gifts, they can often be useful ones.

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