What an 1860s Bar Looks Like

Staff Writer
Improv Everywhere recreated an 1860s bar in Brooklyn, luring unsuspecting drinkers
1860's Bar Recreated | Video
YouTube/Improv Everywhere

Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Black Rabbit already has quite a 19th-century feel, so pranksters Improv Everywhere decided to recreate an 1860s bar down to the prices, bring in two unsuspecting drinkers, and see how they react.

So what's so different about an 1860s bar? Well, there are only two types of beer: light or dark. Then there's the prices: Two beers cost the visitors some $0.22. There are bearded men, exclamations at $20 bills ("Woah! Big spenders. Did somebody rob a bank?" the bartender asks). There are also bar maids, a live band, and plenty of people in period costume. Naturally, the visitors know that something is up, especially when they spot a Wanted poster with one of their OKCupid profile pictures.

Watch the whole video below. We just wish this was on a busier street in Manhattan, and more normal customers randomly stumbled in. Although, we're sure word of $0.11 beers would get out pretty quickly.

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