West End Market

Cafeteria, Food Court
W Campus Dr. (at Cochrane Hall)
Blacksburg, VA 24060
(540) 231-4779


  • The hokie club is excellent... It's worth a shot.
  • Hungry? Hungry? This facility accepts Flex Plans, Dining Dollars, Hokie Passport Account, and cash.
  • This place gets ridiculously crowded around peak times. Come between 5-5:30 to beat the rush.
  • Best campus food in America. Get that London broil with mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes
  • Coco nana smoothie from wired. The hidden gem of Virginia tech dining
  • There's never a line at the pizza place.
  • Sunday Brunch from 12 noon to 3pm is awesome! Huge fresh homemade chocolate chip pancakes!
  • The fresh-squeezed orange juice from Wired works wonders!
  • Double London Broil, Mashed Potatoes w/ Chicken Gravy, and a fresh roll from JP's.
  • Pizza, French fries, burgers, salads, steak, lobster, pasta, mashed potatoes, brunch.
  • Go for early lunch around 11 right when it opens - it's not as crowded
  • Watch out for the lady with the grey hair down to her shoulders. She is spaced out. Walk around her.
  • The pasta place is awesome, and a good way to use up some leftover meal plan $ buying pizzas

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