We're Trading in Our Dull Diamonds for the Courageously-Colored Gemstones at Orlov


Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but as Audrey Hepburn’s iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s character once said, “They’re divine on older women, but they’re not right for me—you understand.” And we have to agree; we love their dazzling light, but every now and then we want something different, something that’s bold with style and personality—something like gemstones. Based in Monte Carlo, Monaco, Orlov is a family owned business that specializes in precious gemstones, and holds events worldwide to celebrate new collections, charity events and connect with the global community of jewel lovers.

As a newer brand, the founders, husband and wife team Angela and Christian Orlov, are very hands on, involved in every stage of the process including sourcing, setting and designing. Intended to be an exceptionally luxurious line, the brand employs Italian master jewelers to handcraft each piece, and only about 50 designs are produced each year. As each bauble is unique and entirely its own work of art, including the €4  million statement bracelet, recently on display in Monte Carlo, the brand is often regarded as one of the top luxury jewelers in the world—and their work clearly shows it.

Orlov features rubies from Burma, Madagascar and Mozambique, emeralds from Colombia, and blue sapphires from Burma and Sri Lanka. Working with some of the most exceptional and rare colored gemstones in the world, each gem is hand-selected by the master craftsmen to maintain the highest level of quality, with both their diamonds and gems. While diamonds are heavily incorporated into the Orlov aesthetic, they are used as accent stones to give the material shine, but are never the showcase piece. White South Sea pearls and tourmaline from the Brazilian state of Paraiba are also found throughout the collection, though nothing seems to shine as boldly and brightly as their cerulean, Sri Lanka sapphires.

For well-heeled customers, entering the world of Orlov also means invitations to ultra-exclusive events all over the world. From Hong Kong to Dubai, parties are held aboard beachside-docked yachts or in opulent ballrooms, all to celebrate a new collection or give back to the community. And with one-of-a-kind pieces like this we understand why there’s reason to celebrate. Even with the inclusion of a few diamonds were pretty sure Holly Golightly would approve of these gemstone treasures.