Row 1

213 State Farm Pkwy
Homewood, AL 35209
(205) 945-8630

Foursquare Tips

  • Worst service EVER at a Wendy's. I think the customers were BOTHERING the employees by ordering food!
  • It comes with free diarrhea
  • Worst. Service. Ever. Cashier was curt, person getting the order seemed annoyed. Really bad service. Just close this one down...
  • $0.15 for lettuce WTF!!
  • Check your bag if going through drive-thru, they always forget your sauce.
  • The Worst Wendy's In Bham
  • Please check your food before leaving....it's possible it's loaded with shit you didn't ask for or not even done. #JustSaying
  • 27 cents for extra ketchup! WTH
  • Nasty dining area!!! Gross!
  • This particular Wendy's has the best service and is open the latest (1 AM)
  • Why do they always have the temp at 60 at night it is to cold to eat