Welcome to the New Pasta Fits Website!

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In celebration of National Pasta Month, Pasta Fits is proud to present a brand new, redesigned website, featuring a sleek new look! Our website was created to give you a better experience, but is still full of all the great recipes and pasta content you love!

Right on our homepage, you can find our “Recipe of the Week” and our latest news articles. This content changes weekly, so remember to come back each week and see what’s new! Our homepage also features links to our “Pasta Shapes Dictionary,” other popular recipes, the monthly “Pasta Spotlight,” a featured video, and more. Don’t forget to follow @PastaFits on social media too – those links can be found in the top right corner.

On the top banner, you’ll find links to our “Pasta Recipes,” “Tools and Tips,” “Nutrition Information,” “Newsroom,” and “Contact” pages.

Our recipes page features all of our original Pasta Fits recipes, where you can search by category and prep time to find the exact pasta recipe to fit your needs.

The “Tools and Tips” page features links to many of our helpful pasta pages, including Pasta Myths, Pasta Facts, and Entertaining tips among others! Look here for frequently asked questions and information for professionals, as well.

On our “Pasta Nutrition” page, you can find all the health benefits and nutritional information about pasta and carbohydrates. Learn how pasta fits into a healthy lifestyle and why it is a great addition to any diet.

The “Newsroom” features the latest information on pasta and carbs, from new studies, to celebrating national food holidays, to sharing new information on pasta. Everything newsworthy about pasta can be found in this section.

If you’re still looking for pasta related content or have questions, feel free to use the “Contact Us” tab to reach the National Pasta Association.

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