Welcome to the Johnsons

Dive Bar, Bar
123 Rivington St (at Essex St.)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 420-9911



  • Try your best to not be a dickface
  • Leave early & bang a girl while watching Half Baked. Start dating her for two years & then she can break up with lose her mind & keep trying to get you back...oh yeah...$3 PBR's!
  • Go to Welcome to the Johnsons with a hangover. Get their Bloody Mary, rejoice.
  • God loves $2PBR
  • Show up with $20 and don't leave until you've drank it all away.
  • Ask me about the time I saw Lady Gaga sitting at the bar in her underwear.
  • Fun place, but no sweet tea vodka. :(
  • Dont worry about trying to squeeze a dollar bill into the jukebox, its actually free. Last time I was there, I enjoyed a block of Public Enemy, Helmet and the Cars. - Jim Shearer, Top 20 Countdown
  • Sip your way into a PBR buzz at this sceney dive, where cans are just $1.75 from 3 to 9pm on weekdays and 1 to 9pm on the weekends.
  • Some bro put on an Oasis song and the bar tender immediately unplugged the jukebox. Dive of all dives. Love this place.
  • Try the alcohol! It'll get you drunk
  • The pool table has a toilet water moat around a side of it.
  • $2 PBR cans at this dive bar. And I mean DIVE bar. Do it!
  • They play the Lawrence Arms and Murder City Devils...oh and Botch.
  • 2 dollar PBRs
  • This is the definition of dive bar. I would probably come here again if I was already drunk, or had no where else to go.
  • The best place to go if you want a beer for pocket change and a relaxing atmosphere. PBR is only $2!
  • Bathroom is like the chokie from Matilda. But fabulous.
  • If you go during the day it smells like bleach. This is a good sign. End nights here!

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