Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Landmark, Historic Site
5100 S Las Vegas Blvd (at E Oquendo Rd)
Las Vegas, NV 89119


  • This sign, designed by neon artist Betty Willis and erected in 1959, has become a world-famous symbol of Las Vegas. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.
  • The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign was erected in 1959 and was designed by Betty Willis.
  • Come twice to get welcomed and say goodbye
  • Classic photo!! It's a place to visit
  • In 1993, plans to beautify the Strip included removing the sign from its place south of Mandalay Bay (0.8 miles). Those who opposed the idea won, and the sign is still in its original place.
  • ...touch this famed sign for good luck!
  • The sign was designed by Betty Willis while she worked for Western Neon Company and cost $4,000 to build and install. Did you take a photo with it?
  • Lock your car doors! A lot of tourists return to their cars to find their valuables gone!
  • WELCOME To SIN CITY!! I've Been Here More Than Once & Every Trip Is NEVER The Same!! Bring Your Nice Camera, Or What Really Does Happen In Vegas Will STAY In Vegas!! ;)
  • Get your photo taken here or at the other sign on the north strip.
  • Listen to Brandon Flowers' album "Flamingo," a tribute to his hometown of Las Vegas. This is essentially the title of the opening track.
  • Snap a pic of The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, when checking in, to share with everyone that you are in Las Vegas!
  • We are so happy to have you in our hometown! Vegas Baby!!! We hope you get lucky while you're here. Come take a tour of Zappos HQ and experience our fun and crazy world.
  • A must, for anyone visiting Vegas or the first time. Originally erected in 1959 it is now on the national registry of historic places.
  • The most famous sign in the world!!
  • If you visited Las Vegas but you forgot to take a picture in front of this sign you need to repeat the visit.
  • There are no "picture takers" or official employees here. Take your own photos for free. Read the signage!
  • Go in the morning, so there aren't a ton of people there. We took a picture with elvis. Totally worth the tip money
  • If you're here, you're near, to the fun and excitement of Las Vegas!
  • Been here before, I think it was exit 5 L.A. coming off Rt. 66. ( right into Hover Dam, they was building a over head bridge late 09 ) I was going to San Diego, Spring Valley.

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