Row 1

1750 East Ave
Rochester, NY 14610
(585) 244-7950
Supermarket, Grocery Store
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

Foursquare Tips

  • Sorry, but the Princess is in another castle! (Super Mario Bros)
  • The "crossroads" Wegmans location. You WILL run into someone you know/acquainted with. (Come find me!!)
  • Worst parking lot ever. Be careful!!
  • There is a rooster named Casanova who lives above the Buzz coffee shop. He comes out every half hour.
  • Get an Italian style chicken finger sub, but with the chicken fingers dipped in the buffalo sauce first. They made it for me by mistake once and I have been asking for it since.
  • Easier to shop on a Tuesday afternoon, I tell ya!
  • This is a high end Wegmans reimagined for an urban environment and ready to be built in Boston, Philly, or DC.
  • Prepared food and massive amounts of checkout lanes take up 1/2 the real estate leaving the grocery aisles just as narrow and cramped as the old store.
  • The more times I come to this wegmans, the more I hate it.
  • Parking lot is NO better after renovation ! :)
  • Excited about this Wegmans being rebuilt into a new Wegmans castle!
  • My favorite Wegmans. I always see someone I know. Only actual "city" location left.
  • It's all about the Probert.
  • Soon this Wegmans will be rebuilt as a new larger and improved location. They have the building plans hanging behind the service desk counter.
  • Stop complaining about the narrow aisles here. Not having a Wegmans sucks balls. So suck it up and enjoy every second of it!! Miss shopping at Wegmans. Nothing like it. Ever! Wegs Rox!!! Come 2 FL!!
  • the newly opened Wegmans now sells Meyers cleaning supplies!!
  • The ultimate lattes made with organic, ground to order espresso are a definite must!
  • Please add more bike racks ...
  • Don't come here for name brand *anything*, except beer.
  • Try Muesli Fusion cereal in Nature's Marketplace. It's healthy, delicious, and local!