Weekly Recipe Review: Oyster and Artichoke Dip, Skirt Steak Salad, Caipirinhas, and More…

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A weekly roundup of the best food section recipes around the world.

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Check out our Editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes. 


The Washington Post: Sliced skirt steak makes a filling weeknight meal atop a bed of arugula and mint with light Champagne vinaigrette.


Cincinnati News: For Mardi Gras this year, try this baked oyster and artichoke dip.


The New York Times: A simplified recipe for homemade banh mi sandwiches that includes how to make pickled vegetables.


The San Francisco Chronicle: Not your grandmother’s chicken pot pie – this reinvented recipe is made with creamy coconut, flavorful curry, and puff pastry.


The Los Angeles Times: A chunky, seafood-filled soup, this cioppino recipe is made with fruity red wine, crushed tomatoes, fennel, and plenty of opinions.


Salon.com: A twist on the popular Brazilian caipirinhas that uses Meyer lemon and thyme.


The Boston Globe: An easy recipe for mussels in a white wine, butter, and parsley sauce that comes with garlicky dipping bread.


The Times-Picayune: Not something you’d expect to come from New Orleans – this light spinach and artichoke dip only has 54 calories per serving.


The UK Guardian: Now that pasties are officially geographically protected, it’s probably a good idea to learn how to make them the right way. Nigel Slater shows us how in these pasty recipes.


The Portland Press Herald: Who says you can’t eat eggs for dinner or pizza for breakfast? Try this recipe that works for both: grilled broccoli rabe, soft-cooked eggs, and pancetta on top of a thick crust.