Weekly Recipe Review: Gabrielle Hamilton’s Braised Rabbit Legs, Garlicky Brussels Sprouts, and More…

A weekly roundup of the best food section recipes around the world.

Check out our Editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes.


The Boston Globe: Quick, easy, and delicious, these black bean and rice quesadillas are great for weeknight meals.


The New York Times: Fresh off of her new memoir, Gabrielle Hamilton makes this braised, tender, and juicy rabbit dish that’s perfect for a Sunday dinner.


The Washington Post: A Perisan-inspired meatball recipe that uses pistachios and pomegranates.


Salon.com: A recipe for Callaloo, a Trinidadian specialty, that’s silky, smooth and full of bright herbs.


San Francisco Chronicle: These Southern grits are topped with a smoky, tomato-bacon relish and spicy, cayenne-coated shrimp.


The Los Angeles Times: A lemony and garlicky recipe for Brussels sprouts that’s adapted from a popular L.A. restaurant.


The UK Guardian: A vegetarian curry recipe that uses tender chickpeas and hearty cauliflower.


The Chicago Tribune: Silky rice noodles fill this recipe for beef pho, a Vietnamese soup that’s flavored with ginger, cinnamon, and star anise.


The Times-Picayune: The perfect appetizer: layers of feta, fresh parsley, sun-dried tomatoes, and so much more.


The Houston Chronicle: Looking for a quick dinner tonight? Try this easy, sugar-coated pork chop recipe.