Weekly Recipe Review: Cali Crab Season, Creative Turkey Leftover Dishes and More...

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Flo Fab’s version of spaghetti alla carbonara with sausage also comes with a wine pairing.

Looking for something lighter after that Thanksgiving feast? Try this fresh herb salad from The Los Angeles Times.

Four hot chocolate recipes for the cold winter ahead. Here’s a hint: one of them contains Nutella.
From The Seattle Times

One of the more creative ways to use leftover turkey: on a caramelized onion and apple pizza.
From The Washington Post

Add fried squid, calamari, and anchovies to your Hanukkah menu this year.
From The Culinary Institute of America

The London Telegraph makes the most of this season’s pomegranates in this slow-cooked lamb shoulder dish.

Usher in the beginning of California’s crab season with roast garlic crab.
From The San Francisco Chronicle

LA chef, Suzanne Goin, makes a seasonal roasted grapes with grilled taleggio and walnut sandwich.
From The Wall Street Journal

A simple, roasted tomato salsa that’s perfect for watching Sunday football games.
From The Boston Globe

Learn how to move beyond sandwiches for this year’s Thanksgiving leftovers.
From The Oregonian


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