Weekly Recipe Review: Pear Walnut Soup; Indian Pudding Cookies; and More

A weekly roundup from the best food sections across the country

Check out our editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes.

NY Mag
• Walnuts and pears make a savory-sweet vegan soup, from Gwynnett St.'s chef.

LA Times
• Applesauce gets an adult makeover with the addition of brandy in this boozy recipe.

NY Times
• The perfect midnight snack: pasta with garlic, anchovies, peppers, and capers.

SF Chronicle
• Classic celery and apple salad gets an extra kick with the addition of poached celery root and a crème fraîche dressing.

• Chickpeas are good in more than hummus; this chickpea sweet recipe (Besan Laddu) is often made to celebrate Pancha Ganapathi, from Dec. 21-25.

Chicago Tribune
Warm rice pudding is a perfect staple for winter nights. Top with a poached pear or eat it plain.

Seattle Times
• Holiday baking gets exotic with Indian pudding cookies, gingerbread-like cookies made with cornmeal and molasses.

Washington Post
• This quick and healthy steak recipe is spiced up with onions and a red tomato sauce.

Kitchen Daily
• Dress up turkey spinach salad with tropical kiwi for a bright take on the Thanksgiving leftover classic.

Portland Press Herald
• Make a fancy Yule Log this Christmas and get some wows.

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