Weekly Media Mix: Mad Men Inspires Cookbook and Ketchup Goes Green.

The biggest food and drink stories of the week.
Weekly Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Weekly Media Mix


The Daily Meal is dedicated to consuming and analyzing the latest food news and trends. Every Friday on The Daily Byte the Weekly Media Mix rounds up some of the week's biggest food news stories from across the country. This week's stories:


• Minnesota is the first state to pass the Cheeseburger Bill. [Slashfood]

• L.A. farmers market vendors may demonstrate. [L.A. Times]


• Sifton awards three stars to Ai Fiori. [NYT]


• Monsanto's Roundup Ready crops may harm animals. [Huff Post]


• Guardian compares NY and London restaurants. [The Guardian]


• Mad Men inspires an unofficial cookbook. [GSNY]

• Hells Kitchen is renewed for two more seasons. [Fox]


• Heinz Ketchup adopts plant-based bottle. [Huff Post]

• Daft Punk designs Coca-Cola bottles. [Hypebeast]

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