The Week’s Most Intriguing Burgers 6/16

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The Week’s Most Intriguing Burgers 6/16

The list of intriguing burger elements encountered in the past fortnight starts, of course, with camel. Ground in house, no less, at the appropriately named Ground Burger Bar in Newmarket, Ontario. But the list doesn’t stop there: black Manchego cheese; bacon & orange marmalade; Korean Gochujang sauce; onion chutney and lavender mayo.

Intriguing in its omnipresence is arugula (known in parts of Europe as rocket), included on four of the burgers below. I would wager that soon more high-end burgers will be dressed with arugula than with lettuce. This is being a steady, quiet changing of the culinary guard. Try it if you haven’t.

Rok Brger Black PearlRok Brgr: South Miami
Black Pearl Burger
Grass-fed Prime Blend topped with black Manchego cheese, wild mushrooms, and a fried Egg on a crispy black bean bun with a side of house-made Sriracha Ranch

Grub Burger Bar GladiatorGrub Burger Bar, multiple locations
Bacon, Cheddar, a beef patty, jalapeño ranch, chipotle mayo and jalapeño chips, all sandwiched between two grilled-cheese buns.

Bottlefork Bottlefork, Chicago
Burger Monday Special
Tallgrass beef patty, crusted soft shell crab, arugula and whole-grain honey mustard

Lucky 13Lucky 13, Salt Lake City
The Smoke Stack Lightning Burger
A 7-oz. chopped-chuck patty topped with our house smoked pulled pork, caramelized onions, or signature house-smoked bacon and melted smoked Cheddar cheese on a bed of sweet baby spring mix, plump tomato and onion slices in a locally baked French rosette

 Ground Burger Bar

Ground Burger Bar, Newmarket, Ontario
Prince Of Persia
Ground-in-house Camel, Gruyère cheese, bacon & orange marmalade and roasted-garlic aïoli

Holy cow del Ray Holy Cow del Ray, Alexandria, Va.
The Seoul Burger
Angus beef, smoked pork belly, kimchi, Korean Gochujang sauce, toasted brioche.

StripburgerStripburger, Las Vegas
Bigger-Than-A-Quarter-Pound Burger Special
With Velveeta, jalapeño bacon & fried onion strings

Smokehouse Billy GoatSmokehouse, Wakefield, England
Billy Goat Burger
Two burger patties topped with seared goat cheese, arugula and a red-wine onion marmalade

Chop ShopChop Shop, London
Classic Cheeseburger
Beef patty, fontina, bacon marmalade, pickled gherkins, dijonnaise, brioche bun.

Burger & Co., KielseBurger & Co., Kielce, Poland
Tuesday Special
Classic ingredients in the American style: a piece of prime beef with onion chutney, Kevin bacon, blue cheese sauce with fresh onion and BBQ sauce

 Filthy Cow

Filthy Cow, Manchester
Three Little Pigs

Pork patty, smoked bacon, BBQ pulled pork, Red Leicester cheese, onion rings, BBQ sauce, pickles, lettuce and tomato

  Cannibale Royale

Cannibale Royale, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Veal Extra-ordinary Burger
180g (6.3 oz.) of veal, rilette of mackerel, Serrano ham, lavender-mayo, arugula salade and sauce Anitboise


Burgerie, Berlin
The Mecklenburg

160g (5.6 oz.) Bio-beef with Müritzer cheese, snap peas & carrots-mix, arugula, house-made ketchup, Green Herb Sauce, tomato, onion, gherkins and lettuce

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