The Week’s Most Intriguing Burgers 3/25

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The Week’s Most Intriguing Burgers 3/25

Lamb burgers are common in spring, especially around Easter, but mutton (mature sheep) burgers? No. Jerk mutton burgers? New one to me but England’s aptly named Twisted Burger Company goes for it. Other intriguing toppings among this most recent batch of burgers include caramelized Andouille sausage; candied orange aïoli; cream cheese and crab; and artichokes and pesto. In other words, all’s well with the burger world.

Twisted Burger Jerk Mutton

From Twisted Burger Company in Sheffield, England, comes the Jerk That Thing burger with beef, jerk mutton, Harley hot sauce and pineapple & mango jam.

Black Rebel Ham Burger

Another nice Easter special is the Ham-Burger at Black Rebel Burger in Wood-Ridge, N.J. There’s a beef patty there, topped with honey ham, sweet potato fries and a maple/honey glaze with Cheddar cheese.

The Counter Lamb Burger

The Counter burger chain is featuring The Big & Bold Lamburger, made with ground lamb, herbed goat cheese, grilled red onion, tomatoes, spinach, and a new spicy tomato jam, all between toasted ciabatta bun halves.

Son of a Bun Wholly Jalapeno

Where would you look for a wild Mexican-influenced burger? Dublin, where the Son of a Bun burger bar has unleashed The Wholly Jalapeňo. The build is a 6-oz. beef patty with jalapeňo-cured bacon, American cheese, jalapeňo popper patty, crunchy jalapeňos, lettuce and spicy mayo.

Cowbell Hawaiian

Another cross-cultural treat is the Mele May Hawaiian Burger at Cowbell in New Orleans. Think a beef patty with caramelized Andouille sausage, Jarlsberg cheese, grilled pineapple relish and fries.

Delaware North Burgerizza

Crossing culinary boundaries is The Burgerizza, which contract-foodservice giant Delaware North is serving at Atlanta Braves spring training games. It’s a 20-oz. bacon cheeseburger between two personal pizzas that serve as “buns.”

Hache Cape Crusader

Scottish beef is at the heart of The Cape Crusader Burger introduced by London chain Haché Burger. It’s finished with a Portobello mushroom covered in melted Gruyère cheese and bacon marmalade with house-made BBQ sauce served on a toasted brioche bun. Its other Superman-homage burger is The Krypton Burger: Scottish beef burger topped with Mozzarella cheese, grilled jalapeño peppers and coriander pesto; served on french fried onion straws, crispy bacon, smokey jalapeño mayo and a toasted brioche bun.

American Burger Bar

Making its inaugural appearance on the Most Intriguing list is American Burger Bar and Beer Boutique on Greece, N.Y. Its Crabby Patty is a Black Angus beef burger on a toasted roll with cream cheese, scallions, crabmeat and a drizzle of Sushi Sauce.

Archie's Grill Pesto

Archie’s Grill in Shelbourne, Vt., hit some hard times in 2015 and was closed for a while. But now it’s back and better than ever, as evidenced by the Pesto Artichoke Burger (or chicken if you prefer). Toppings include mushrooms; a mix of pesto, artichokes, mayo and Asiago cheese; and Cabot Vermont Cheddar.

 Brgerbelly Midnight Special

Chicago’s Brgrbelly burger bar had its own troubles last year, leading to a name change from the original Leadbelly Burgers after objections from the bluesman’s estate. Its Midnight Special burger is a half-pound house-ground patty topped with jalapeňo-Jack cheese, fresh pico de gallo, chipotle cream sauce and Chili-Cheese flavor Fritos on a freshly baked-in-house bun.

 Flippin Ghost

Another terrific name for a burger bar is A Flippin Sweet Burger Joint. The Kearney, Neb., spot’s recent burger of the week was called the Santanico Pandemonium: A ½-lb. burger topped with ghost pepper cheese, pork carnitas, grilled jalapenos and peppadew peppers, and Reaper Ranch Sauce.

  Honest Abe's Bossa Nova

Of course, if you want a real all-American name there’s Honest Abe’s Burgers & Freedom in Lincoln, Neb. This week’s special there is the Bossa Nova: A 6-oz. beef patty with red-pepper pesto, candied orange aïoli, bacon, smoked Gouda and romaine.

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