A Wednesday Burger Miscellany

A Wednesday Burger Miscellany
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I’ve been traveling and one stop was San Diego, where Jack in the Box has a Habanero Pepper Jack Ultimate Cheeseburger on the menu. Double patties; pepper-Jack cheese; habanero sauce. Packs a kick. Jack in the Box tells me the burger has been testing since the end of January in San Diego (its headquarters) and Houston. The test ends at the end of this month.

Jack Habanero Pepper Jack

We still haven’t seen pulled pork on McDonald’s national menu—although it was tested in June 2015—but the chain loves to dabble in it internationally. In The Netherlands, McDonald’s this week introduced McWrap Pulled Pork. The build is pulled pork, coleslaw, lettuce, tomato and “American BBQ Sauce.”

McDonald’s Switzerland tested a pulled pork sandwich in 25 stores in two markets, and the chain has a Chipotle Pulled Pork sandwich at its The Corner cafe in Australia. An Hawaiian Barbecue Pork burger with a pork burger topped with more pulled pork was tried last year in Japan, where a McMuffin BBQ Pork breakfast sandwich was on the menu back in 2013. It’ll get here.

McDonald's McWrap Pulled Pork

The 100+-store Wayback Burgers chain has announced its first-ever value promotion: the $4 BBQ Bunch. That’s a new BBQ Crunch burger plus a side of house-made BBQ chips for $4. The chain says one of its single burgers with a side of chips costs an average of $6.98. The deal will be offered from April 1 through April 30.

The BBQ Crunch Burger is a beef patty topped with American cheese, house-made chips and BBQ sauce, with more house-made chips on the side. The chain also is adding a new Dole Premium Lemonade as a permanent addition.

Wayback BBQ Crunch

The black bun fad isn’t over, despite Burger King’s unhappy experience here with a hard to digest Halloween black-bun burger. Each time black buns appear, it seems there’s a new way to go black. In Australia, KFC has introduced The Zinger Black chicken sandwich. The bun—topped with sesame and nigella seeds plus chili flakes and cracked pepper—is darkened with vegetable carbon, which the company says “is the colouring used in several liquorices, jam and jellies.” Black jams?

The LTO sandwich is a crispy Zinger chicken fillet with a new maple-mustard-flavored sauce, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato.

KFC Black Zinger

Finally, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s will introduce a new burger today called the Midnight Moonshine Burger. According to CNBC, the chains’ parent, CKE Restaurants, worked with former NASCAR driver Junior Johnson to create the burger. Johnson is a principal in Piedmont Distillers, which distills Junior’s Midnight Moonshine.

The LTO is priced at $4.39 for a single, $5.59 for a double and $5.59 for a third-pound Thickburger. Combo meals start at $6.89. The Midnight Moonshine Burger will be in 3,600 stores and could become permanent if it sells well enough.

The burger is non-alcoholic, of course, but it does boast a Black Angus beef patty topped with a “moonshine glaze,” pepper-Jack cheese, garlic-and-pepper-fried onions and bacon.

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