The Wedding Games Crowns a Winner

Meet Lara Bloom from District 7 and see her 'Hunger Games'-inspired wedding board

We recently revealed the Wedding Games by The Wedding Institute — from 12 "districts came 12 event planners with 12 Pinterest boards — all based on the Hunger Games.

It was simple, the winner with the best Hunger Games-themed inspiration board in their category would be deemed the winner by both the judges and through social media. The 12 "tributes" were narrowed down to five finalists from the following districts: lighting, color, accessories, hair/makeup, and centerpieces. However, only one could be crowned a true victor. Meet Australia's Lara Bloom from District 7: Centerpieces.

Trying to capture the fiery, bold vigor of Katniss, the protagonist in the book and film, she incorporated warm hues and deep tones with votive candles, ruby red apples, and tropical flowers into her final board. The result was an enchanting and rather mystical ambiance. 

Other boards, especially District 5: Catering, incorporated a heavy amount of food moments from the book and film, like Peeta's artisanal round loaf of bread, dandelion salad, and lamb roast. 

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