Wearing Memories Creates Jewelry to Remember Some of Your Best Celebrations


When was the last time you opened a bottle of champagne and kept the cap? We all do it every now and then because it's a reminder to us of the celebration at hand. And now, thanks to Australian based jeweler, Wearing Memories, an expensive bottle of bubbly has more meaning to us than just an exquisite delight to the palate.


Wearing Memories constructs each of their jewelry pieces by hand, creating a delicate cage in which to save and display the champagne cap. Designer Kiron Barui believes champagne means happiness, and those who love bubbly should always feel cheerful. "I started to collect the caps from the bottles I drank and write the occasion on the back, and developed an amazing memory bank. I would wrap wire around my finger and 'wear' the cap, and from there I got the idea to develop jewelry," she told The Chronicle (AU).

And now wearing an authentic piece of jewelry shaped for champagne lovers has never been more luxurious. The designer uses 100% cowhide or kangaroo with all their leather and each product comes packed in a handmade kangaroo hide pouch. One of their showcase pieces is the WM Multi Strand Blanc De Blanc Necklace; this stunning piece boasts three strands of freshwater pearls, silver framework and what else—a champagne cap.

For all those who love-popping bottles, but aren’t on their way Down Under, this unique jewelry line makes for the perfect gift. Whether it's an upscale ring, elegant necklace or chic bracelet, there is something for every occasion.

Wearing Memories is available online through special order.