Waterworks Cinema

Movie Theater, Cineplex
923 Freeport Rd (in Waterworks Mall)
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
(412) 784-1402


  • If you want to see the latest horror movie. DON'T COME HERE.
  • Don't leave your trash behind after the movie, the more trash there is, the longer it takes for the next showing to get started and the longer the people after you have to wait. Common courtesy n'at.
  • Second row in stadium seating is best.
  • Movie Night- Mondays Only 5 bucks and free popcorn!!
  • $5 tix Monday night and free popcorn (extra small...but still free!)
  • Spider Man 3
  • The good dinasaur
  • I thought the free popcorn on Monday night were really nice at the movie theater.
  • Watching fast and furious 7
  • Uh... So... Burgatory is next door. That's cool.
  • Mondays you get a movie and popcorn for 5 dollars
  • Devil due sux
  • Dirty theater.
  • Great improvement over years ago.nice seats .clean and tidy
  • Clean restroom
  • Not what I was expecting. By the look you'd think of this as more a dollar theatre.
  • Great updates from when I lived here. Stadium seating is closer than the water front
  • Theaters 2 and 9 are the only theaters that don't have stadium seating.
  • If the lines at the ticket booths are too long, the concession stands sell tickets too!
  • If the lines at the ticket booths, the concession stands sell tickets too!

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