Watch the Preview for Eric Ripert's Mario Batali Show

First he brought in Anthony Bourdain; next up, Mario Batali

While Eric Ripert's first On the Table guest, Anthony Bourdain, was a no-brainer, we've been wondering who the chef will bring in next. According to this teaser, episode two involves a lot of pasta, a Vespa, and Mario Batali.

Batali brags about being at the White House some four or five times, talks about making money in smaller restaurants, and wears his signature orange crocs. Ripert asks questions, drinks some wine, and fights about the correct stove heat level. Not quite as entertaining as the verbal sparring between Bourdain and Ripert, but (warning) Batali does use a curse word in his first line.

The full episode will be released Aug. 16, followed by episode three with Stanley Tucci. In the meantime, check out the preview below, especially as Mario Batali parks his Vespa inside the studio (not surprising, actually, since he found his Vespa wrecked outside The Chew studios back in April).