Watch Kid Cudi Talk About His Beer Bottle Label

'Why not? I drink it'

Check out the story behind Kid Cudi's beer label.

Yesterday we had rappers and cereal, and today we're blasting some Kid Cudi through our headphones and seeing if we can get our hands on some Beck's Beer.

The rapper was tapped by Beck's Beer to design new beer labels for 2013; the annual tradition picks six artists to create original artwork for their beer bottles. His beer label, inspired by his Man on the Moon labels, will be displayed on 13.2 million labels. "I was working on my music video at a time, and I was like man, I would like to design a beer bottle. That's cool. You know me, I drink it. Why not?" Kid Cudi says in the promo video. Watch the video below to get a taste of what Beck's is calling a "summer-long art exhibit."

"We are proud that Kid Cudi worked with Beck's beer to design a label for our 2013 series. He is a Grammy Award-winning, gold album selling hip hop artist and actor. The hit single "Day 'n' Night" laid the ground work for his major album debut. He is a leader of the urban alternative movement and an artist that is ready for revolution," the promo copy says.

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