Watch Fans Hand Steve Nash a Beer on the Highway

Los Angeles is super excited about their new point guard
Steve Nash
Wikimedia/Richard Burdett

Looks like Los Angeles is super excited that Steve Nash has signed on with the Lakers; this video that Nash posted on Twitter went viral over the weekend, showing fans driving down the highway and cheering when they see the point guard. And what do you do when you meet a sports personality? Pass him a cold brew.

The fact that these guys are speeding down the highway, as is Nash himself, makes this feat even more impressive. The point guard appreciated the gesture, tweeting, "LA, thanks for the warm welcome... " And at the end of the video, you see a shot Nash himself, saying, "The fans have been pretty good so far." Now if only New York could feel this way about their recent changeups... Watch the entire exchange below, but don't try this when you're driving.


Update: Keystone Light assures TMZ that this video was not staged. "While we can take credit for the 'Always Smooth' taste of Keystone Light, we had nothing to do with this video," a representative said.

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