Washington Square Park

Columbus Ave (btwn Filbert & Union St)
San Francisco, CA 94133


  • Perfect lunch spot on a sunny day
  • Stay away from the bushes. Bums poop there.
  • The San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation hosts a couple movies in the park over the summer. Bring your blanket and bottle of wine!
  • Enjoy the smell of weed in the air
  • We love to sit in the shade here during the day, it's a friendly park, good for groups, families, or just to relax on your own.
  • My kid just stepped in your dog's shit. Please scoop the poop.
  • Come early and watch all the little old Asian ladies do aerobics, Thai chi, fan dancing, and jazzersize.
  • Great for picnics and playing, or just sunbathing on a lazy day
  • Holiday is here!
  • Ramona the "love terrier" is kind of a b*tch.
  • Should you want to see one of the most crowded but beautiful areas of the city. Probably only park w/o a radiant view hovering above the city around it, it's actually a low-set 1, but views nearby.
  • Great place to crush some beers.
  • Park etiquette: Its fine if you want to stand up, but don't block my sun.
  • Little bit of everything, right in the heart of North Beach! Grab some food and drinks, then make friends with some of the other people out here...
  • When it's not too cold or dark, there's usually a group of dog owners who hang out while the pups play. Ramona the Love Terrier is a regular.
  • This is one of Ruggles' favorite parks!
  • Bathrooms at the church are usually open. Enter through the door on the left. And give them a donation.
  • Nice park downtown
  • Lovely view.
  • The park is not a square. The statue is not of Washington. I guess Jefferson Trapezoid Park wasn't a good name?

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