Washington Square Park

W 4th St (btwn MacDougal St & University Pl)
New York, NY 10012


  • Home to a free summer music festival since 1953, where music usually heard in the sanctity (some might say imprisonment) of small concert halls mixes with the elements, as described in 1987.
  • Girls happened here. Marnie, Shoshanna, and Ray discussed Jessa's flakiness and Shosh ran into a "vintage" rollerblading classmate.
  • If you're lucky and he's there when you are, you'll be able to listen to a guy in the middle of the park playing a grand piano that he wheeled in to busk with!
  • At one point or another throughout your time at New York University, you have likely taken a walk through Washington Square Park. Make sure to stop by at least one more time before you graduate!
  • Farmland for Dutch colonists, a cemetery by the 1810s, a posh precinct when the arch arrived in 1889, and a counterculture hangout in the 60s, its now NYUs hub. - Green Guide Editor
  • Avoid the sketchy man offering you crack cocaine.
  • A beautiful park and a must see for any visitor. It's perfect when you just want to sit on a bench and read a book or do some people watching. On nice days you can find all sorts of live music too.
  • PHOTO: In 1966 beat poet Allen Ginsberg read from his work to a huge crowd in the park. Click "More Info" to see the pic, then find the tree and have your own reading!
  • If you say his name three times, Allen Ginsberg appears.
  • Nyu may not have a campus, but we have wsp. All's good.
  • The bros in the park are chill, unless you beat them at a chess match. #DontBlowIt
  • The four corners: northeast families, northwest drugs, soutwest dogs, southeast college kids. And the all come together in a big, never-ending drum circle in the middle.
  • I once saw a woman chalk a note to the famous pigeon man on the ground where he always sits. The note said "Dear sir ... I think you're lovely."
  • I dont normally feed the pigeons but the last time I was here I fed them a tale of my city dwelling condor, Eli. Needless to say they ate it up.
  • Awesome park and celebrity magnet!
  • Washington Square is and always will be the epicenter of the most dynamic area of Manhattan.
  • Look out for "Crazy Piano Guy" Colin Huggins. His piano ain't a public one though, be aware! It's his own and he lugs it every day from a storage unit. Dedication. Talented guy.
  • Come out during the summer and take a nice swim in the fountain! Take a shower afterwards though. That water doesn't look too great.
  • One of the most iconic parks in NYC and one of its most notorious. Currently going through a massive renovation, but that hasnt kept the people away!
  • The Park's fountain area has long been one of the city's popular spots for residents and tourists.

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