Warm Cinnamon Recipes for Cold Weather Blues

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Warm yourself up this winter with these delectable spiced recipes
Cinnamon Donuts

Fall is upon us as the nights and mornings are cooler and the days begin to shorten. As we hang onto the last joys of summer, we are beginning to long for comfort. For me, cinnamon has that welcome to fall comforting feeling and as the weather gets below 60 degrees, I start making all kinds of dishes with this spice. In fact, I use it so often this time of year, that I end up leaving it on the counter for easy access.

While cinnamon is great on staples like French toast, here are some new ways to use the spice in plenty of party favorites and easy desserts. From cinnamon donuts (a classic) to cinnamon roasted almonds (or any other nuts), the spice lends a subtle note to any dish. And if all else fails, infuse a stick or two of cinnamon into plain vanilla ice cream for an easy twist. Keep reading for some great way to add some cinnamon coziness to your table.

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