The Warfield Theatre

Music Venue, Rock Club, Concert Hall
982 Market St (at Golden Gate)
San Francisco, CA 94102


  • Make sure you grab a $16 beer. That shit is tight!
  • You can now bring your drink back to your seat in the balcony!
  • There is not a bad seat at this venue. Even if you are in the last row of the balcony, you will have an amazing time.
  • Editors, $20.25 / all ages, Mon 2/8/10 @ 7:30 PM; A great British indie rock/post-punk revival band that you can't miss. Click the link below to get your tickets!!!
  • Definitely pre-game... $15 for a beer?! They aren't even sold in gold coated glasses...
  • Best place to be is front and center, at the barrier!
  • Buy tix at the box office and avoid all those effing surcharges.
  • This is a great venue for live music. There isn't a bad seat in the house. I saw Slash play there last night. Awesome.
  • Unless you're happy paying $7 per drink, get hammered somewhere else before going to the show
  • Olivia is the best, her performance and personality are so charming
  • Checking out the full line up of shows at the Warfield.
  • Best shows ever!
  • The last gasping remnants of SF arts culture are its historic music venues. Warfield is lovely. Loud and clear sound + spacious multi-tiered floor + steep mezzanine = good view from everywhere.
  • Concert venue
  • I love the staggered levels on the floor. Makes it so much easier to see the stage.
  • My favorite large venue in San Fran. Park at the large parking lot nearby or take BART, don't try for street parking. Don't worry about where you're sitting, it's a great view from anywhere.
  • The Good: Great views from the back and solid sound. The Ugly: Beers are $10 and they don't have free water to keep you hydrated, only $4 bottled.
  • Box office opens an hour and a half before doors open. If you're looking for tickets or need to pick them up, get there early.
  • Rock out! One of the many great venues in #sanfrancisco.
  • I had a bite of my GFs panini sandwich she bought at Warfield and it ripped the inside of my mouth like a razor blade. Went to the first aid booth bleeding profusely and the geniuses there gave me gum

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