Wanted Man Enters Police Doughnut-Eating Competition

Doughnut-eating champion arrested after winning

Police found the man they'd been seeking for nine months after he won their local doughnut-eating competition.

Winning a police-sponsored competitive eating contest carries some bragging rights, but it’s not a good idea to enter if one is actively wanted in connection with a crime, as one North Carolina man discovered this week when he was arrested just a day after becoming a local doughnut-eating champion.

According to The Chicago Tribune, police had been looking for 24-year-old Bradley Hardison for nine months in connection with break-ins at local businesses in Elizabeth City, N.C., but they could not find him until his name popped up as the winner of a police-sponsored doughnut-eating contest at the Elizabeth City Police Department's National Night Out Against Crime on Tuesday.

Hardison won the contest, beating several police officers and firefighters by managing to eat eight doughnuts in two minutes. But the next day Camden County Sheriff's Lieutenant Max Robeson recognized Hardison’s name in a report from the event and realized the new champion was a wanted man.

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"I said, 'Congratulations on your win last night,'" Robeson said. Then he arrested Hardison for the two break-ins.