Want to Crash a Wedding? There’s an App for That

Fill up your weekends with some good old-fashioned wedding crasher fun, with the help of technology

Life gets a little boring after the holidays, but now a new app helps you party on someone else's dime. Crash Corsage, created by Eric Schlakman, helps you channel your inner Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson à la Wedding Crashers by giving you all the info you'll need to crash an upcoming wedding.

The app gives you an in depth guide of how to sneak into a stranger’s wedding, with the date, location, required attire, and even a brief biography on the newlyweds-to-be so you can prep your story in advance. Warning to the wise, be prepared for bouncers, security, and wedding planners, because even we know they are hard to get by.

What’s the trick? Crash Corsage syncs their system with that of popular wedding web sites like TheKnot.com, eWedding.com, and WeddingChannel.com. There's even built-in challenges for you to compete with other wedding crashers so you can show off your crashing skills (we assume catching the bouquet gets you negative points?).

So, the next time a slot opens up on a Saturday night, grab your wingman or a couple of your friends and give it a shot. Don’t forget rule #76 and if you need a little guidance, take a tip from these guys.

Watch a crash course in Crash Corsage below.


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