Wanda's Wine of the Week: Oremus Tokaji Dry "Mandolás" Furmint 2015

From www.blackdresstraveler.com by Wanda Mann
Wanda's Wine of the Week: Oremus Tokaji Dry "Mandolás" Furmint 2015

Each week I taste quite an array of standout wines, so picking just one to showcase is no easy feat. Quality is always of utmost consideration but I'm also drawn to wines that surprise me in the very best ways. New varietals, small producers, and lesser known-regions are always intriguing. But I also appreciate beautifully crafted classics and well-made wines that offer great value. The choices for Wanda's Wine of the Week will be hard to predict but that's part of the fun. Cheers! 


 Oremus Tokaji Dry "Mandolás" Furmint 2015 (around $24)

 Hungary's most famous grape, Furmint is celebrated as the star of the legendary sweet wine that made Louis XIV proclaim Tokaji "the wine of the king and the king of wines!" These sweet wines remain highly coveted but more Hungarian producers are also crafting superb dry wines from Furmint. Mandolás is a superb expression of a dry Tokaji that balances bright & refreshing acidity with harmonious layers of citrus zest, chamomile, straw, and honey flavors. A supple richness and a subtle hint of spice make Mandolás a great match with everything from Asian to Mediterranean cuisine. Mandolás is no boring white wine! 

Bodega_Oremus_Cellarsimage courtesy of Oremus

A wine that exudes joy and vitality, Mandolás has quite a pedigree - it is produced by the iconic Spanish wine producer, Vega Sicilia. In 1993, just a few years after the fall of Communism in Hungary, Vega Sicilia acquired 285 acres of premier vineyards in the heart of the Tokaj region. The Oremus estate also includes several miles and five levels of underground cellars dating back to the 12th century. Hand hewn into volcanic rock, these historic cellars are still used today for aging Oremus wines.