Walmart Supercenter

Big Box Store, Grocery Store
5401 Tinker Diagonal St
Del City, OK 73115
(405) 670-1007
7:00am - 8:30pm
7:00am - 8:30pm
7:00am - 8:30pm
7:00am - 8:30pm
7:00am - 8:30pm
7:00am - 8:30pm
7:00am - 8:30pm


  • Best place in the world to study anthropological socioeconomic degradation
  • Okies can't drive or park. Common sense eludes them especially in a parking lot. They either drive the wrong way up a 1way, double park, or treat the parking lot like a race track. hope u are insured!
  • If all you are going to do is complain....Shop Somewhere Else.
  • RE: Self checkout folks, only scan your items when the light is GREEN, not RED. Quantity has nothing to do with the stalling machines, it's trying to scan when it's RED that throws you off.
  • The employee's are extremely abusive and hostile. I have never dealt with employee's like that in my life. They have the worst customer service in all of Oklahoma. I don't feel safe there at all.
  • Always very crowded! Also hard to find a decent parking place.
  • If you are driving down an aisle in the parking lot and the tail lights of the parked cars are angled away from you YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY
  • The del city Walmart is 10x better in service and product availability than the one in Midwest city. Even thought del city is always busy.
  • Watch out for the lame-brained parking lot security guard. He'll run over you.
  • Never work for walmart... EVER!!!
  • Super long lines for checkout. If only they would actually pay for cashiers!
  • low prices
  • Miguel, are you teaching there and calling for students?
  • If you only scan your items when the light is GREEN (Not RED) on the self checkouts ladies/gentlemen you will not get stalled out. It has nothing to do with quantity.
  • It truly confounds me that so many people use the pharmacy here. The woman pharmacist refuses to fill prescriptions my doctor orders for them to fill when he faxes it out of her vanity.
  • Go to a better store
  • Why do ppl feel the need to do self check out in Walmart when you have more than 10 items. It's rude. You hold up the lines by messing the machine up. I really think they should make those 10 items
  • After 4pm on a payday, there is one teller at the money center... To top it off, not all class has been leaked down to this area of BFE Del City as its proper to chat about life with people waiting!!!
  • Avoid food stamp Fridays or you'll get outta there!
  • Drive-thru is your best chance for service at the pharmacy.

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