Walmart Supercenter

Row 1

2150 Wilkes Barre Twnsp Mktpl
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
(570) 821-6180
Big Box Store, Supermarket, Grocery Store
Mon–Sun: 6:00 AM–Midnight

Foursquare Tips

  • Here's the best tip you'll ever get. Don't come here! Drive the ten extra minutes to the pittston one. It's newer, there's more lines open and always a good spot in the lot. I hate it here
  • Don't come to walmart anytime during the first or 15th of the month
  • Next time you come to Walmart, bring your plastic bags back to the store for recycling courtesy of A Bags Life!
  • I find everything here. Fun to people watch too!
  • They need to get the lines to move quicker!!!!!!!!
  • Every complaint listed is justified. It only took 10-15 minutes to finish my shopping but I'm standing in line to checkout for at least that long and there are still 4 people ahead of me.
  • Hate wal mart!!!
  • I luv when a store is opened up for 24hrs
  • They need to open more registers. Long lines at check out every time.
  • Always so busy.
  • Is Walmart really all about the customer of they cannot "afford" to have all the check outs open in the store during the holidays and weekends?
  • Your better off going to the Wal-Mart in Pittston. This one has 20+ checkouts and your lucky if 3 are open with 50 people in each line. This Wal-Mart is the worst and the traffic is always bad
  • Best place to indiscriminately hate every person you see and regret not being in Wegman's.
  • Do yourself a favor - avoid this store if possible. Instead, take a quick drive north on I-81 and take the Pittston exit and shop at that store instead.
  • I hate walmart. Bad customer service, ignorant employees, long lines cuz no checkouts r open, n employees who know nothing about the department their in. Smfh
  • Worst lines EVER
  • Never come here at night never enough cashiers and there's always long lines and ppl always buy cartful of shit to at this time
  • Never go to walmart before 7am on and around the first cause they only have one cashier on and that's the days people go that early and have 2 full carts each! Even with 20 employees jus standin aroun
  • This would have to be the cleanest Walmart I've ever visited. So well organized and spacious departments. You could get lost for weeks in the grocery section alone.
  • Never in zillion years would I ever thought I would say this but....this walmart is cleaner, more organized, and better selection than the pittston one.

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