Walmart Supercenter

Row 1

11250 E Colonial Dr
Orlando, FL 32817
(407) 281-8941
Big Box Store, Supermarket
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

Foursquare Tips

  • I feel dirty the second I step foot in this place...
  • 30 cashier lanes & maybe 5 open at a time. So ridiculous
  • They need self checkout lines here. For people who buy one item only.
  • Like all Walmarts, they are dirty and smelly, and full of dirty and smelly people. Enter after 10 PM at your own risk --it actually gets creepier the later it gets.
  • Walmart price matches so bring your circulars from Publix, Winn Dixie, Bravo's, Sedanos, Albertsons, Walgreens, etc. if the circular is current & the competitors price is lower that's what you pay! =)
  • It's a Walmart...WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?
  • Jay k is dirty n smelly
  • God, I hate this place.
  • Do not come here. Employees are rude and it takes forever to check out. It's definitely not worth coming too!
  • This place has longer lines than any theme park that Orlando has to offer.
  • People hate Walmart, why?? I love the savings....thanks for helping me survive in this economy :-)
  • One of the worst walmarts ever.
  • The best time to shop is 5 a.m. Otherwise you will wait in line forever, all the cashiers are really old or really slow and there is ALWAYS an issue with barcodes.
  • Stockpersons are very rude with their pallet jacks speeding down the isles and getting right up on people shopping.
  • Go to the neighborhood one... Much better.
  • Fuck this hellhole. Lines take forever any hour of the day.
  • I'd rather take a bullet than ever come back to this store!
  • Not the best Wal-Mart in Orlando but... It's a Wal-Mart. I would suggest the super center on New Goldenrod.
  • Love the baby section. Never fails that I get something
  • The lines suck no matter what time of day and they're always out of stock.