Walmart Supercenter

Row 1

1501 Skyland Blvd E
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405
(205) 750-0823
Big Box Store, Supermarket, Grocery Store
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

Foursquare Tips

  • Don't count on the check outs being open and getting out fast! Walmart could care less about you as a customer or the sirvice they render!
  • Don't be in a hurry an come here because despite having thirty registers, you can bet only five will be open. AVOID HERE AT ALL COSTS!!!!!
  • They could care less! And the people they hire. Had to fail a speed and math test to get their job!
  • Scream, holler, and start thrashing around in the floor if u have too... They bound to open a check out line!!!
  • Walked around and Dennis got a new microwave
  • cheap place to get groceries but can be dirty and few lanes open
  • Closing lines with people in line. Why do they spend $$ for 30 registers when they don't have hardly any open?
  • Terrible management.
  • Cancelling shopping until tomorrow, line is super long 2 lanes.....Uuuuuugh!?
  • Watch your toes and asses. People will run you down with their shopping carts! Prepare to wait, too. There's one register open per 30 people in line.
  • 7th Level of Hell. Go to Target.
  • Be patient
  • By far, the filthiest Walmart I have EVER been in. The staff look so thrilled to be working here...NOT! And they all look like they'll cut you at any given moment! WTF?
  • Find another Walmart
  • If you don't mind getting shot at from people it's a great place to go don't mind the fat old ladies on scooters
  • Bad even for Walmart standards. High crime rate in the parking lot.
  • Try to keep it under 20 items, the regular cashier lines could take foreverrrrrrr
  • This is absolutely the worst Walmart I've ever been in.
  • You spend more time in line waiting to pay than you do shopping
  • Shop early in the morning on a weekday. Almost no one here