Pharmacy, Convenience Store, Photography Lab
3103 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 573-0130


  • This is the worstest. Ghe5to bulk ladies using a million coupons buying a ton of groceries. Asking the pharmacist to call other stores because they are always out of pills
  • Check your Walgreens app for today's mobile coupon! You can even scan it at the register. Don't have the Walgreens app, Download it today.
  • Avoid this hell hole if you can.
  • I find that getting your meds b4 12pm here helps! Ppl are still fresh and happy to help! It only took 3 mins to get my 'script!
  • This place is ok
  • There is always at least 5 people in line at this location! And at least 2 crackheads outside!
  • The drive through took forever + theres a crazy lunatic screaming profanities while you Im in car; I waited over 20 mins before someone came to the window. Not customer focused; so disappointed.
  • Sempre salvando a gente! Tem de tudo!!! E o precinho camarada cheio de ofertas.
  • l loved this pharmicy every thing you need is there
  • The most crackhead Walgreens.
  • The fired the bad service guy
  • Awww hell naw...walgreen brand vicks is 5.49. I'll go to Family Dollar; its cheaper.
  • there's almost always a line to check out. try checking out from cosmetics or photo.
  • Don't come when you need something in less than 5 min because they are like turtles super slow.
  • The lines are out of control.
  • S, l, o, w !
  • And yes lady. I am anti. Child
  • It is the slowest. U could die waiting for your pills.plus the people paying for drugs allow a family member (usually a child to bring grocieries to last for am entire year)
  • Pharmacy service is terrible!
  • #Walgreens beggars outside work my damn nerves. Store knows they are out there; do something! Good grief, cannot walk in or out of the store with someone hitting me up for smoke of#r cash!

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