4501 Guadalupe St
Austin, TX 78751
(512) 323-6098


  • Toilet paper deal here! Only place to buy it!
  • Big Flats beer is a $2.99 every day value.
  • Really awesome pharmacy. Sometimes a long wait in line but they are always working really hard.
  • Check your Walgreens app for today's mobile coupon! You can even scan it at the register. Don't have the Walgreens app, Download it today.
  • this place is always a headache. plan to spend at least 30 min no matter what
  • 24 hours and friendly employees :)
  • Still waiting at the pharmacy.
  • Bathrooms are public but they have to unlock them for you so take note.
  • Worst pharmacy ever. The wait is ridiculous.
  • Meds for the cough.
  • Careful with the paper bags on rainy days walking. I made it about 1 block before the bottom fell out and my goods went on the ground. Also, don't put drinks in them that are cold and wet outside.
  • Watch out if you thank Roslin because she'll thank you back once again for shopping at Walgreen's. If you thank her again you'll get the same response. Never-ending cycle from a nice lady though.
  • If you're wanting to cook meth, they don't card you to buy Sudafed!
  • Looking for cheap but effective disinfectant for food contact kitchen surfaces? No worries chlorine bleach is a cost-effective option!
  • Plastic bags are back. Whether that's good or bad...you decide.
  • They've stopped using plastic bags at this location, so remember to bring a reusable bag if you're getting lots of stuff!
  • No joke about the lines at the pharmacy. I just waited 30 minutes in the drive through line- which I thought was supposed to be faster?!
  • Walking around in heels all day? Relive foot pain with Dr.Scholls For Her Rub Relief Stick available at Walgreens.
  • Help Walgreens by returning your plastic grocery bags to us for recycling.
  • The pharmacy isn't so speedy. Prepare to wait.

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